About the ensemble

Common Ground Voices is a playground for big thinking. Who are we and what do we do? What impact can music making have in our communities? What is gained by drawing the circle a bit wider? Can music be used as a tool for conflict transformation? Can music help us imagine peace?

Common Ground Voices is an international project choir initiated by the Eric Ericson International Choral Centre (Sweden) in 2016. Under the artistic direction of André de Quadros, Common Ground Voices aims to generate a meaningful collaboration through music, to explore and create music of shared human values and aspirations, to contribute to community music as an exercise of non-violence, and to utilize music as a springboard for a meaningful discussion about social and political change within the group as well as with the society in general.

Common Ground Voices aims to form a circle of understanding in a world of differences between human beings. The common ground of music unites us and acts as a tool for fruitful dialogues based on creativity, compassion and respect.