Apply to CGV

Who can apply?

Choir singers of all ages, nationalities and faiths – as long as you have an interest in humanity and utilizing music as a springboard for a meaningful discussion about social and political change.

Do I need to be a professional singer?


What’s expected of me?

Openness. Decent English language skills so you can understand instructions and communicate. And to learn the music by heart – no scores at concerts!

I’m applying as an instrumentalist, what is expected of me?

All instrumentalists, except keyboards, are welcome to take part in the CGV. Instrumentalists are expected to be able to improvise in many musical styles.

How often does the choir meet?

There are usually 1-2 residencies per year.

Where do these residencies take place?

Could be anywhere, but thus far we’ve met in Stockholm, Jerusalem and participated in a festival in Germany.

Does it cost anything to sing/play with CGV?

Usually you pay for your own travel expenses to the residency, but not for lodging or food, but every residency might be different.
Regarding the 2020-session in Jerusalem – at this session you’ll have to pay for lodging and food yourself as well as travel expenses to and from Jerusalem. Read more about the 2020-session » NOTE! Due to the Corona-virus crisis this session is postponed ’til later.

When can I apply?

CGV continuously accepts applications for future sessions.

How do I apply?

Fill out this form and upload an audio file of you singing a song/aria of your own choice, either with or without accompaniment. If you’re applying as an instrumentalist – upload a file where you play your instrument(s). (Or if you have a video on YouTube/Vimeo etc – put the link in the “Anything else”-box.